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Mar 25

Will Google's Latest Change Truly Enhance PPC Advertising?


In: Strategy Insights

If you haven’t taken the time to read about and understand Google Adwords new Enhanced Campaigns, you need to get a jump on it! Starting in a few months, all Adwords campaigns will be automatically converted to the new enhanced structure as Google continues to dictate the form and function of PPC advertising.

The whole idea behind the creation of Enhanced Campaigns is to simplify accounts. Whether or not this is accomplished is dependent on the types of campaigns you are running. Creating separate device targeted campaigns, which has always been understood as best practices in the industry, will no longer be necessary. However, when you start to account for location targeting, ad scheduling and other granular techniques the enhanced setup doesn’t make as much sense.

If you have experience running both mobile and desktop campaigns you know that the conversion rates between devices can vary drastically at times. Often times CPCs vary as well, keyword “this will work” on desktop could cost around $1.00 per click but on mobile “this will work” requires a $2.00 CPC bid. Within the new enhanced structure, all devices are managed in one place, therefore to account for these differences you will need to set a base bid for desktop and then use a percentage bump for mobile bids. For instance, in the above example, our bid would be set at $1.00 and then we would put a 100% bid increase in place for mobile traffic.

As I mentioned before, there will be cases where Enhanced Campaigns just won’t be the optimal choice. It is still important to create keyword structures that fit the different audiences. Campaigns for mobile tend to perform better with short and sweet keyword combinations as opposed to the long-tail formations for desktop. If your campaign is one that has keyword combinations that you know don’t work on one device but perform well on the other it would still be wise to create separate campaigns. Also, any campaigns that require ad scheduling (for promos, etc) will not be able to be differentiated in the enhanced structure and will require their own campaign.

All the hurdles aside, I can see situations where this adjustment will be easier. Now, from one campaign I can serve an appropriate ad to someone based on their location and device. Campaigns for brick & mortar businesses will truly benefit from the new set up. A restaurant can serve one ad to desktop users that links to a landing page with a menu or order form and simultaneously serve an ad to a mobile user with a click to call feature or restaurant locator based on their current location. With the percentage bid structure you can also bid more for searches that are conducted within a closer vicinity of your business in order to capture customers who are near by and therefore more likely to convert, which is certainly smarter than the present system (now coined ‘Legacy Campaigns”).

As website design moves from the practice of having separate mobile sites to one responsive site that translates over all devices it makes sense that advertising to those sites would become somewhat responsive itself, however, it will be interesting to see if it works as easily as posed by Google. Yes, I admit it, I have never created an online advertising platform... shocking, I know. I also admit that I believe Google values the experience of users and advertisers alike; therefore I do have a foundational trust of this adjustment being something that will improve Adwords and Search Engine Marketing as a whole. Yes, they hold the market on the world... I mean... the Internet, and as a result they get to dictate how we do things. I would have suggested a few other redesigns for the system before this one but once again, I’m a Strategist not a Developer. Typically, I would resist any form of forced action but in this instance I will submit to the Great Google and start converting my campaigns over to enhanced. Good luck to you as you do the same.


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