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Apr 24

Why LinkedIn May Soon Overtake Other Social Media Sites... And What You Can Do To Be Ready


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How does the average business owner, executive or professional take advantage of what LinkedIn has to offer? Here are four strong tips to help you get started.

In terms of raw numbers, LinkedIn's membership isn't going to blow you away. Other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have more than twice as many users, and generate a far larger number of posts and updates on a daily basis. And at the same time, LinkedIn has been established for longer, and thus doesn't have the same amount of "new website buzz" around it that some other platforms do.

And yet, if you talk to someone who knows social media marketing well, they're likely to tell you that LinkedIn is one of the most powerful, up-and-coming tools for marketers on the Internet today. What gives?

Part of the answer has to do with LinkedIn's recent resurgence, and its overall consistent growth – think of the tortoise and the hare for an apt analogy. Another part, however, has to do with the fact that LinkedIn is uniquely positioned as the only social networking site that's geared toward business. And so, while it might not be as popular in terms of strict numbers, it is the one place executives and decision-makers are likely to hang out online. They might not spend their days tweeting, but you can find them in LinkedIn discussions.

Knowing that, how does the average business owner, executive or professional take advantage of what LinkedIn has to offer? Here are four strong tips to help you get started:

1. Get your LinkedIn profile completed and in place. If you're like a lot of the people we work with, you probably already have a LinkedIn profile, but one that's outdated and incomplete. Now is the perfect time to fill in your profile summary and job history. And while you're at it, add a current photo, contact information, and important search terms or phrases.

2. Find relevant discussion groups to participate in. LinkedIn discussion groups are like industry-specific networking meetings that are always open. Join a few and you're likely to meet colleagues, vendors, and decision-makers at every level – all while keeping an ear to the ground and learning about what's happening in your business.

3. Find contacts on several different layers. Obviously, you'll want to start adding potential clients and customers to your contact list. Don't stop there, though, when there are vendors, experts, colleagues, and even potential employers (or employees) that you can add to your network.
Plus, you can meet people on LinkedIn who can help you meet other people later. Sometimes, these intermediate contacts are the gateway to CEOs and other hard-to-reach decision-makers.

4. Use LinkedIn's most powerful feature. One of the best ways to use LinkedIn is also one of the most underutilized. By getting personalized recommendations and endorsements for others, as well as sharing them, you can gain a kind of credibility that would be hard to otherwise match.

LinkedIn might not be the newest and biggest social media site, but it might be the one that holds the biggest opportunities for you and your business. Why not get in touch with us today to see how Studiobanks can help you make the most of your profile and network?


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