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Aug 31

White Paper: Online Reputation Management


In: Strategy Insights

Brands hopeful of becoming mainstays in the online consumption habits of consumers do so by plugging into social, since about 6 in 10 Americans use some form of social media on a daily basis. Simply setting up your Facebook Business page with scheduled posts however isn’t enough; your brand has to meet consumer expectations in order to produce real business value.

Consumer expectations of brand behavior and messaging on social range according to finely segmented audiences. Unalike in some ways, these audiences are united in that their met expectations can drive purchases, build brand loyalty and secure online visibility in overcrowded markets. Knowing what to say, when to say it and who to say it to is crucial now more than ever as digital footprints never truly fade away.

In our latest white paper, Online Reputation Management: Remaining Resilient & Relevant on Social Media, UNION strategists share insights on how your brand can sidestep consumer backlash, preserve its reputation and capitalize on the expectations of actionable buyers.

Download white paper to learn:

  • What behaviors consumers prefer on social and the ones they don’t.
  • Which audiences are most likely to jell with your brand.
  • The response timeline brands must adopt.

Download Our Online Brand Reputation Management White Paper


UNION is a full-service digital agency. We create experiences that help brands thrive. We believe to be relevant in today’s marketplace, brands must lead with a digital-first philosophy. We craft engaging digital experiences and integrated campaigns that are built on strategy and driven by data. At the heart of what we do is help brands create meaningful and enduring relationships with highly connected consumers.

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