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Nov 19

Web Design Agency Launches New CPI Security Website


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Charlotte web design agency UNION is proud to announce the launch of CPI Security's newly redesigned website! After several months of hard work, we're thrilled to unveil the new design.

For more than 20 years, CPI Security has been a leader in customized security and home automation solutions. CPI combines the latest in technology with the industry's best customer service to provide security solutions their customers count on and conveniences they love.

CPI partnered with UNION to redesign its website and create a digital marketing platform that better reflected the company's personality, while still maintaining its role as a source of lead generation. The final product is a clean, modern looking website that does a better job conveying the quality of CPI's products and services. The new site also provides a more intuitive user experience, making it easy to navigate through all of the various offerings.


The new CPI site is a responsive website. This means that it will automatically adjust according to the device's screen size and orientation, giving the user a browsing experience tailored to their device. Additionally, this responsive nature allows for a consistent brand experience across a wide range of devices. Users accessing the website on their phone will have access to the same content and features available on the desktop.

Optimized Sales Funnel

The new website not only tells CPI's brand story, it also provides a more optimized sales funnel. One way we optimized the sales funnel was to create isolated home and businesses pages. This allows users to easily find all of the information they need on one page, rather than making them jump around to various pages. This approach does a much more effective job of keeping users in the sales funnel.


One of the key elements of the new website is the use of PJAX to create faster page loads. PJAX, which stands for HTML5 pushState plus AJAX, is a powerful plugin for the JQuery library that will load the page content and change the URL without doing a full page refresh. 

This means that when you first visit a page, the whole page is loaded, including the CSS, JavaScript, images and other items. When you click on a PJAX enabled link for a subpage, it will load only the HTML for the subpage, inserting it into the layout that's already loaded, ignoring all of the wrapper markup like the header and footer, CSS and JavaScript includes. The result is a much faster page load because it does not have to load all of the extra stuff that's already been loaded.

SVG Animations

Another element of the new CPI website is the use of SVG animations. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) are XML-based vector images for two-dimensional graphics that provide support for interactivity and animation. SVGs are rendered as vectors so they are able to scale to any screen resolution, while maintaining their sharpness and quality. 

To learn more about this project, or to find out what a digital marketing platform can do for your business, contact UNION.


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