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Oct 09

Vine: Your Brand in Six Seconds


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Twitter released Vine in late January of this year. And over the course of the last ten months, the connected population has become increasingly captivated with the power of six-second storytelling. There are fun and truly impressive videos being uploaded by the minute as well as new techniques... Vineception, where users layer their Vine video with someone else's, is one of my personal favorites! (Go to Vine and search #SongCollab to see some examples).

Beyond personal use, it’s worth noting that many brands are understanding the importance of Vine and therefore stepping up their presence.

A recent study highlighted that over 75% of marketers said that advertising/marketing has changed more in the past two years than it did over the previous 50 years. Brands that aren’t evolving are getting left behind; and one very real aspect of brand evolution is staying in front of the social media trends: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and now... Vine.

Just six months after its release, Vine became the #1 download in the App Store, which is extremely impressive. However, the really impressive fact (for us marketers), is that a branded video on Vine is 4x more likely to be seen than a branded video posted to another digital platform. Boom! There you have it, the main reason why Vine has become so important for marketers to embrace. We all know that video is powerful. Customers, clients, audiences.... whatever the appropriate label of your target may be, the fact remains: video speaks, and a Vine’d video speaks four times louder.

Here are a few tips to consider as you build a Vine for your brand (and examples of some of my favorite uses by brands already on Vine):

  1. Use Hashtags - this point, along with a complete illustration of ‘Vine Done Right’ can be experienced when you search: #6secondscience. General Electric has been a leader on Vine from the start - from their Gravity Day thread, to the six second science fair, to the daily science nuggets, @GeneralElectric has become the ‘Google Doodle’ of Vine and social media. Some other fun hashtags to check out: #animate and the before-mentioned #SongCollab.

  2. Create How To’s - one word: Oreo. Their Vine is awesome and I promise it isn’t just because there are cookies looping over and over in front of you! @Oreo is doing a lot right, but what they are excelling at is showing audiences different ways to make their Oreo experience even better. If a delicious white filling sandwiched by delectable chocolate cookies isn’t your thing (odd) then check out Urban Outfitters’ Vine, they have also done an exceptional job capitalizing on the ‘How To’ engagement method.

  3. Have a Distribution Strategy - yes, you will already be ahead of the game by posting regular, relevant content to Vine, however it’s still important that there is a strategy behind what you are putting out there, as with any marketing campaign. Lowe’s understood the importance of consistency and goal oriented posts and to be sure they didn’t miss a beat they hired a Vine influencer to oversee the #LowesFixInSix campaign, which won the Cyber Lion award at Cannes this year.

  4. Be Creative - this is the best and most important one. If you have been in the advertising world for long you know that consumers understand they are being sold to but they are tired of being sold ‘at’ - Campaigns and products that are getting footholds are those that are being amazingly (yet creatively) simple and honest. Here are a few of my others that are excelling (in my opinion) in creativity: Samsung (#GalaxyVine), Volkswagen (#VWSharkWeek), Rolling Stone (@RollingStone and the ‘Guess who is on the cover’ posts).

To stay up to date on the latest Vine trends and news check out TechCrunch's continual coverage.

Happy Vining!


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