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Apr 04

UNION Attends Digital Marketing Event


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In order for a digital marketing agency to keep up with emerging technologies and the impact they’re having on how we all relate to one another, it’s vital that they constantly learn new things. Unlike many other industries, members of the digital marketing industry don’t have the liberty of learning their craft and relying on that knowledge throughout their careers.

One way that our team continues to learn about new technologies and trends is by attending conferences and seminars. This week, the UNION team attended the Digital Summit Charlotte event.

Digital Summit Charlotte

Digital Summit Charlotte is the premier digital strategies forum that educates and promotes forward thinking and thought leadership on topics related to internet business and marketing. With over 25 sessions on the latest digital trends and best practices from the industry’s top educators, participants are given the skills to ensure they excel in the quickly evolving digital space.

Below are highlights from a few of our team’s favorite sessions.

A Culture of Content

This session was lead by Rebecca Lieb, an Analyst from Altimeter Group. One of the important elements that was stressed was that when content becomes an ingrained element of an enterprise’s culture, the culture functions like a well-oiled machine, efficiently producing and distributing content.

“This is an element of content marketing that we always try to help our clients understand,” says Lucas Weber, content strategist with UNION. “If we can help them create a culture of content within the organization, their ability to tell their brand story becomes much easier."

Disruptive Tech: 5 Year Outlook

Our team also enjoyed the Disruptive Tech: 5 Year Outlook session, presented by Kate Watts, Managing Director of Huge. This session discussed what is referred to as “The Instant Era,” referring to today's immediate, ubiquitous access to virtually all information, products and services in real-time. 

“This was one of my favorite sessions,” says Banks Wilson, President and Creative Director of UNION. “It’s interesting to watch the line between technology and everything else in our lives become invisible. The results of this evolution include consumer products like eyeglasses that detect driving fatigue and proper posture and toothbrushes that track your dental hygiene."

These are just a few of the highlights from the Digital Summit Charlotte event. The UNION team enjoyed thoroughly the event and plans to attend next year.

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