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Jan 06

Top 5 Interactive Marketing Tips for 2009


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by Union

In the wake of the current economic recession, marketing budgets are going to become a lot tighter in 2009. We already see evidence of this as companies search for the best bang of each marketing dollar spent. We expect this trend to grow as companies plan their 2009 budgets. With a renewed focus on ROI and effective marketing, companies will inevitably focus on their online marketing strategies for next year. With that we offer our “Top 5 Interactive Marketing Tips for 2009.” 1. Know Your Message – and Stick to It!

Online marketers have a bad habit of trying to say and show everything conceivably possible about their company. Attention spans are short, especially online. Understand this and hone your message down to its core and present it in a concise and effective manner, especially on your home page. Don’t give in to adding content for the sake of adding content, even in the name of SEO. Content should be short, cleverly well-written, engaging and above all supportive of the main message you are trying to deliver.

2. Design to Your Audience

Every marketing student knows the first step to effective marketing is knowing your target audience. It’s funny how many marketers forget this once they start marketing online. Your website should be designed to engage the people you want to reach. Be sure to keep design unique and appealing, yet clean and consistent.

3. Keep Things Fresh

As we enter the New Year, make sure your content is useful, relevant and up-to-date. If users get a sense that both content and overall design are very old, this can hurt your business. Give your audience the feeling that you are on top of your game by doing some regular housekeeping to keep things fresh.

4. Use Those Stats

Unlike any other media, the Internet provides marketers with more real data to see the effectiveness of their messages. Get to know the habits of your visitors by studying reports of your website’s traffic statistics. By monitoring your statistics you can tailor your marketing and design toward those who visit most, or find weak spots in your SEO strategy.

5. Seek out Social Media Opportunities

Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr. Social networking is no longer a trend, it is a staple of the online landscape. Find social networks that your audiences use and participle in their dialog. Offer these online communities useful and relevant information as a member of the community. Watch as other members start supporting your company.


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