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Oct 24

Top 10 Things To Look for in a Social Media Manager


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Social media management: it isn’t just for the neighborhood kid down the street who fixes your computer anymore. With the seemingly endless parade of social networks gaining and waning in popularity, it’s basically a full time job to stay engaged with customers or clients through social media. Which can be a problem for some people who, you know, have an actual full-time job that happens to be the whole reason they need to be on multiple social networks to begin with. That’s where a social media manager comes in.

They’re the ones responsible for helping you respond to posts, field questions and generally making sure people realize you’re listening to them. Social Times has put together a handy guide of the top 10 qualities to think about when you’re looking for a social media manager. If you’re going to give someone the power to take over your Twitter account and by extension, the power to publically embarrass your firm on a world-wide stage, you want to make sure you’re picking someone whose qualifications consist of more than just being the youngest person you know.

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