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Oct 28

The Battle of Tremont Hall


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Union (formerly Studiobanks) tore it up at the AAF Dodgeball Ex-scare-aganza this year! And by tore it up, we mean that pizza buffet did not know what hit it. We were ruthless and quite literally very hungry. We actually didn’t place all that well when it came to the tournament, but you know, A for effort and all that.

This year we went full on Web design nerd and did a group costume with each team member dressed as one number in the hexadecimal value for Union orange. A hexadecimal value, or hex value (super appropriate for Halloween), is the color code developers use to specify colors when they’re programming Web pages. Geeked out? Yes. But also highly on trend. Orange was THE color to be seen in at the tournament.

We ended up winning our first match after a heated exchange with the ref (mostly on Banks’ part) and then lost the other two matches due to black magic and climate change. Some people might say the losses were directly attributable to the laws of physics and/or gravity. But if AP Physics taught me anything, it’s that I don’t understand physics. The real victory was that none of us got hit in the face. Success! All you other dodgeball teams better watch out next year because we are going to BRING.IT. and totally not get hit in the face again. AWWWW YEAH!


actionBurning retinas and taking names. It's how we do.


bonk Seconds before impact.


launchJohn enjoys a moment of peaceful solitude as he performs an interpretive dance amidst the violence and upheaval of a troubled world. Or he throws the ball. Take your pick.


Special thanks to Michael LoBiondo who took these awesome pictures of the event for AAF. You can check out all the mayhem on the AAF Flickr page or if you prefer your pictures blurry, flash-less and full of red-eye, you can check out the Union' Flickr page.


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