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Jan 16

SEO Benefits of Responsive Design


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As the number of people who use their smartphones or tablets to browse the internet continues to grow, it has become increasingly important that websites work across multiple devices. As a top digital marketing agency, we have embraced this reality and have implemented a variety of best practices that can ensure this seamless experience, including responsive web design.

While using responsive web design, we have noticed that it also supports search engine optimization efforts. Below, we highlight several of these benefits.

Google Prefers Responsive Web Design

One of the biggest SEO benefits of responsive web design is the fact that Google recommends it as the best way to target mobile users. Google also favors mobile-optimized websites when displaying results for searches made on mobile devices. 


Another benefit of responsive web design is that you have one url for your website, rather than a separate url for a mobile website. If you create a mobile url for your website, you will need to build that site’s authority from scratch. If you redesign your website as responsive, you will be able to maintain your backlinks and continue directing all links to the same url. 

Lower Bounce Rate

High bounce rates can have a negative impact on your search results ranking. Google wants to send users to the sites they are looking for. When these users navigate to your site and immediately return to the search results page, Google makes a note that your site might not be a relevant destination for that search term.

Mobile sites that look significantly different from their desktop versions often have higher bounce rates because users are not used to seeing that version of the site. Responsive sites adapt to the user’s screen size, which allows them to use the site they are familiar with. 

UNION has been at the forefront of this trend, using responsive web design as our standard practice for several years. As a digital marketing agency, we immediately saw the value of building digital marketing platforms that could provide a consistent experience for users, regardless of their screen sizes.

To learn more about how a responsive website can support your search engine optimization and digital marketing efforts, contact us.


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