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Sep 03

Real Time Content Website, Innovation station


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by Union

With a unique and innovative adaptive digital presenter platform, Real Time Content is at the forefront of digital video communication. By using efficient segmenting and smart storyboarding, as well as gathering viewer profile information, the company creates digital videos that have customized presenters for each individual viewer – pretty cool! Given the cutting-edge nature of their services, Real Time Content realized they needed a digital partner who could help increase awareness of their products and overall brand. They needed a functional digital platform and streamlined messaging.

Union, being no stranger to innovation, responded in “real time,” by researching the company’s brand personality, service offerings, and target audiences to identify which key messages would be the most effective and motivating for users. We designed and developed a website centered on Real Time Content’s virtual presenter experience. The goal was to help visitors experience the power of their services first-hand – a must for this business model. 

In addition to a new digital platform, Union designed and implemented a comprehensive digital marketing campaign to target users who had previously visited the site. By crafting dynamic, creative, and compelling calls to action, we used ads to drive users to Real Time Content’s digital platform to get more information about their services. 

In the first four months after its launch, Real Time garnered over 15,000,000 impressions. Many of the advertisements have a 5%-8% click-through rate (industry average is 2% - 3%), with the average cost per click coming in right around $1.11. In addition, many of the ads show in the number one and two positions, a critical factor in visibility and click-through rates. Thanks to some creative collaboration and a healthy dose of smart SEO efforts, we were able to quickly and effectively move Real Time Content into the top five hits for the target keyword, “personalized video marketing.”


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