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Aug 23

Finding the Right Influencer For Your Brand

In: Strategy Insights

Though influencer marketing is a relatively new tool for brands, it is one that has skyrocketed since its inception. In 2016, 86% of marketers utilized influencer marketing, and 48% of those marketers planned on increasing their influencer spend in 2017. ROIs for influencer marketing have been positive for more than 82% of businesses, but—as is often the case in any hot, new digital trend—too many companies are ready to throw their money at the latest fad before understanding how to make it work best for their brand.

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Jul 26

Digital Platform Launches for American Forest Management

In: Recent Work

This June, UNION launched the new digital platform for American Forest Management, Inc. (AFM), the largest forest consulting and real estate brokerage firm in the United States. With over 260 employees operating in 49 offices across 17 states, AFM has the size and support of a large company, but the benefit of boots on the ground, allowing them to invest in relationships and build expertise on a local level. Having just completed a comprehensive rebranding with the aim of setting themselves apart from their competitors, AFM was in need of a dynamic platform that showcased their new branding while highlighting their wide range of service offerings in a captivating and organized design.

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Jul 03

Why Your Brand Needs To Be Live Streaming Video

In: Strategy Insights

You already know how important video marketing is as a part of your digital strategy, and that’s not changing anytime soon. But there is a new reason to take notice—and it’s live streaming. While live streaming isn’t a wholly new concept (Periscope, acquired by Twitter, launched in early 2015), Facebook has quickly come to dominate the space. In the first year of Facebook Live, the daily watch time for Live broadcasts has increased almost four-fold, and Live now makes up more than 20 percent of all video on Facebook. Live video is watched three times longer than pre-recorded video across Facebook as a whole.

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Jun 08

Charlotte High School Student Visits UNION

In: Culture

One of the perks of being a Charlotte-based digital agency is meeting the amazing people who live in our wonderful city. Whether it is a potential brand, a new hire or in the case of high school student and future marketing expert, James McLelland, UNION is always excited to bring new people into our community. That’s why when James showed up as part of Charlotte Latin’s excellent Observe & Serve program, which allows graduating seniors to explore a career area of interest as an intern or volunteer for a non-profit organization for a three-day period, we were just as excited to learn from him as he was from us.

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May 30

Building Customer Loyalty Programs That Work In Digital

In: Strategy Insights

How many loyalty programs are you signed up for? How many do you actually use? In a 2016 sample of over 19,000 North American consumers, the average person was a member of about 13 different loyalty programs, but was only active in seven during the past year. Many loyalty programs offer an initial incentive for signing up, but leave the consumer with little motivation to continue. Difficult to navigate points systems, poor digital experiences, and lack of personalization are all common culprits in the failure of most of these programs.

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May 04

Announcing the 2017 Digital Marketing Scholarship Winner!

In: Company News

Thank you to everyone who applied to the 2017 Kelly Somey Digital Marketing Scholarship! We received dozens of outstanding submissions this year from passionate high school seniors across the country. After reviewing all of the entries, UNION is excited to announce that the winner of the 2017 Kelly Somey Digital Marketing Scholarship is Akshay Punukollu!

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Apr 26

How Location-Based Mobile Marketing Drives Sales

In: Strategy Insights

Despite a continued increase in mobile and online purchasing, the majority of all commerce is still happening in the real world. In fact, e-commerce represented just 8.1% of total U.S. retail sales in 2016. However, with location-based mobile marketing, brands can leverage the power of digital to drive brick-and-mortar sales, utilizing valuable data to optimize the customer journey.

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Apr 12

Embracing The Customer Journey of Mobile Visitors

In: Strategy Insights

Today’s highly-connected consumers place tremendous value on their mobile devices, relying on a litany of digital platforms for product research and, increasingly, for their purchases. Gone are the days of old where foot traffic directed retail decision-making. According to Hubspot, smartphones are now the essential part of the customer journey, with 81% of people using their mobile devices to do research before making a purchase. In order to stay competitive and succeed, brands and marketers must embrace the complicated consumer habits of mobile visitors, leveraging digital strategies to drive targeted finger traffic towards meaningful conversions.      

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Mar 17

The Future of Mobile Video Advertising

In: Strategy Insights

If you follow the digital marketing space at all, hearing that “mobile and video are the future” is likely a familiar sentiment. The predictions of the past few years have been spot on—mobile and video are officially the present. In 2016 more than half of all views on YouTube were from mobile and over 1,000,000,000 mobile videos are watched on the platform each day. Considering we check our phones about 75 times a day, the need for mobile advertising to adapt is obvious. Which raises key questions—what does great mobile video advertising look like? How does your ad change to better suit the mobile viewer, and what can we expect to see going forward?

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Feb 23

Kickstarting your Digital Agency Career as a Recent Grad

In: Insider

In the formidable world of potential employers and “adult” jobs, being straight out of college can seem like a detriment. You lack the experience agencies are looking for, which subsequently means you lack the ability to gain said experience. This can be frustrating and, at times, discouraging. But there is a way out of this slump. You need to understand how to leverage yourself and your tech-saturated college experience to let potential employers know that you’re ready to start your digital agency career with more than just a diploma and bright eyes.

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