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Nov 09

Our upgrade to Leopard


In: Culture

We've been waiting for the launch of Apple’s new OS X upgrade, Leopard. Well, it showed up last week and we have now all upgraded. I thought I would detail out some of the features we have found useful along with some of the major issues we have experienced. First off, Leopard seems to be more network friendly than Tiger (OS X 10.4). In Tiger, we had to manually connect to our office server every time we restarted our computers. It was quite annoying. So much so that Robbie wrote a custom AppleScript to automount our server on start up. Now Leopard does that for us automatically. We also do not have to manually connect to each others computers when sharing files!

Other things we have found useful so far include, Coverflow in the finder (very nice for looking through client submitted files to find the one you are looking for), scrolling inactive windows (for us Mighty Mousers), desktop stacks, and the improvements to Spotlight and iCal.

On the down side, the upgrade seems to be slowing down various applications. The entire Adobe CS2 suite seems a little quirky. But the main issue we have seen is that applications connecting to the internet run very slow. Apple Mail now takes 4 or 5 times longer to check for and send mail. Safari has a big bug with file uploads. And the upgrade has nearly rendered our Timepost application useless.

What have your experiences with Leopard been like so far?


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