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Jun 10

Newsletter Design featured on Campaign Monitor Gallery


by Union

Campaign Monitor, an online email service provider that serves as the backbone of our client newsletter system, has just featured our AAF Charlotte newsletter design in their design gallery. While it’s more likely that they are more impressed with Wray Ward's Sunbrella ad, they still had some nice things to say about the newsletter:

AAF Charlotte is “a consortium of like-minded creative folks that are dedicated to advertising excellence in and around Charlotte”. This newsletter doesn’t have the flashiest design or most unique layout, but what it does have is impact and readability.

The very simple full width header is very recognisable in an inbox, and we always love a clear and obvious unsubscribe link which shows confidence in your content to maintain interest. It may not be deliberate, but the top image of the curled iron seems to tie very nicely into the brackets surrounding the titles. That gives a real cohesion to the whole page.


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