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Entec Polymers New Digital Platform
Oct 06

New Digital Platform Launches For Entec Polymers


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This August, UNION launched the new digital platform for Entec Polymers, the largest company of Ravago Americas and a leader in offering cost-effective material alternatives to the plastics processing industry. Known for its reputable sales staff, highly qualified technical team and logistics experience, Entec offers the most expansive selection of plastics materials in the industry with the ability to meet any specifications. Upon partnering with UNION, Entec made it clear their desire for a new platform that would effectively serve as the front door for their brand, encapsulating their personality and diverse capabilities as well as building trust with consumers in a clear and authentic brand voice.


Extensive Product Offering

Entec Polymers offers over 4,000 different grades from 70 supplies. Communicating their vast capabilities to customers while still allowing them a seamless process to filter through materials would require a search function that was at once robust, but also intuitive and not intimidating.

Competitive Marketplace

There are currently over 10,000 plastic buying companies between the U.S. and Canada alone so it is difficult, even for an industry leader like Entec, to not only stand out online but also paint a picture of the offerings they provide. In order to build awareness, Entec wanted their new platform to really showcase who they are and what they do.

Generating Quality Leads

With so many different types of companies in the plastics industry, Entec frequently received sales leads from customers looking for services outside of their offerings. Therefore it would be essential for the new site to effectively educate consumers with content that was clear and also optimized for organic traffic. 


After months of hard work and discussion, UNION was excited to launch the new Entec Polymers platform. This new site features a more modern, high-end experience that utilizes clean lines and professional design to set Entec apart from their competitors as a relevant, quality brand. To improve brand awareness and consumer understanding, we conducted photoshoots at their facility in Manchester, TN and offices in Orlando, Florida, adding quality drone-captured videos and original images onto the platform. This new media showcases Entec’s expertise in compounding, testing services and logistics.

Entec Polymers New Website

For a better user experience there is also a new product finder that integrates with their product database and makes it easier for customers to search for products and help the Entec sales team work with clients in real-time. These additions support a new layout that is more user-centric, tapping into the customer journey with SEO-optimized content that’s easier for users to find and digest, leading to more qualified leads and a larger presence in new markets. Furthermore, this responsive experience has been integrated with Dynamics CRM, allowing Entec to deliver their brand’s messaging and capabilities to users like never before with the ability to drive conversions across all devices.

Entec Polymers Product Finder

For all of us at UNION, the best result is knowing that Entec is confident that this new platform will better establish familiarity among potential customers and improve connections with their current clients.  


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