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Jan 05

Muzak 75th Anniversary Microsite, Happy Anniversary, Old Timer


In: Recent Work

by Union

Muzak has been bringing the noise since 1934, a long time to stay current, stay relevant and continue evolving in an ever-changing industry. To honor our client’s legacy and celebrate three quarters of a century in business, Union (formerly Studiobanks) captured 75 years of Muzak excellence within a vibrant, Flash-based microsite experience.

Our teams organized enormous amounts of archived information such as industry-changing events like Woodstock as well as historical factoids such as the origination of Muzak’s name – a combination of the word ‘music’ and the last syllable of a favorite high-tech company, Kodak. With a by-the-era content strategy in place, we designed an immersive brand experience with animation that mimics the rotating spindle of a vintage jukebox, VH1-style pop-up factoids and digitized tunes that match the sweet sound of Muzak.


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