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Banner image for Purpose Generation's digital platform launch
Nov 14

Millennial Strategy Firm's New Brand Identity and Digital Platform Launch


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We are excited to announce a new digital marketing platform launch and logo for Purpose Generation. Purpose Generation is an insights and strategy firm that helps companies successfully engage with millennials.

Purpose Generation makes it their mission to understand what drives millennials to make their buying decisions and what they look for in the brands they value. Purpose Generation offers services such as focus groups, surveys, ethnographies, insight communities and, above all, their Tribe. The Tribe is a diverse community of millennials who are paid for their reviews, opinions and insights on particular products, companies and more. Purpose Generation uses this exclusive insight to inform the strategies they create for their clients.


For their rebranding efforts and new digital platform, UNION partnered with Purpose Generation to help define their unique brand story for the web. They wanted a website that not only highlighted their impressive history with big brands, but that also explained the function of the Tribe. This meant ensuring that messaging and design not only attracted millennial consumers, but also Fortune 500 executives.

New Digital Platform Launch

To help Purpose Generation highlight their diverse work experience, UNION created a client controlled blog and case study component to the CMS. In addition, we created an intuitive navigation that allows the user to easily find specific service offerings. Two separate online forms make it easy to both connect with the company as well as inquire about joining the Tribe.

For millennials, the website showcases the power they have to directly impact consumer facing companies. For business executives, the site explains how they can understand and harness Tribe feedback. We were excited to aide in rebranding efforts by creating a new logo and unique, stylized website for Purpose Generation. The new look shows off their modern, fresh take while maintaining the functionality needed to draw in Fortune 500 companies.

Want to learn more about Purpose Generation? Check out their new site here: www.PurposeGeneration.com

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