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Nov 01

Logo Polish Recommendation for the Hornets


In: Strategy Insights

The Charlotte Bobcats tipoff their final season this week before bringing the Charlotte Hornets name back next season. While the players are focused on improving their on-the-court performance, I'm sure that the Bobcats executives are evaluating various team directions & strategies they may leverage as they roll out the revived Hornets brand next year.

One of the strategies they most certainly are considering is whether they should reinstate the original Hornets logo or design something fresh. Charlotteans have great nostalgic feelings for the Hornets and that means the original Hornets logo must make a return, as well. I believe they should leverage that strong brand connection as much as possible.

That said, there were fundamental design imperfections and issues with the original logo.  I would suggest they consider a design "polish" to the original logo instead of a full-scale brand re-design. Similar to how the Panthers recently polished their logo.

Here is a logo update that I created to illustrate what I think a "polished" version could look like:

hornets logo update


The polished version features:

  • thicker, more defined outlines
  • arms, legs and head attach to the body instead of feeling glued on
  • the basketball feels dimensional
  • the left leg and arm has been shifted slightly away from the body to be cleaner and less busy
  • the shoelaces and honeycomb soles have been cleaned up to be less busy
  • unneeded black outlines have been removed from the H, Charlotte, and the stinger strips 
  • the H and Charlotte have been adjusted to the curve of the body
  • the vibrations have been removed
  • a light grey border has been added for a flare of modern style

Whatever they decide, I’ll be excited to see the return of the Charlotte Hornets this time next year!


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