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Mar 31

Huseby Uses Paid Search Advertising to Improve National Footprint


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Huseby is a leading deposition and litigation support company. Operating nationwide, their court reporting and deposition services can be done remotely by bringing the parties together in an interactive virtual environment.

With digital channels becoming more and more important for all types of businesses, Huseby was having trouble capitalizing on these new opportunities to increase traffic and online bookings. While their business model allows them to operate anywhere, they were struggling to convey their national footprint in areas where they didn’t have a physical location.

Our Solution

To help Huseby combat this problem, UNION executed digital marketing campaigns focused on three distinct areas:

  • Increasing brand awareness and exposure in key markets around the country
  • Increasing qualified traffic to the website for key search terms
  • Increase online service bookings and quote requests

UNION worked with the Huseby team to identify the important markets around the country where they were losing out to their competition and lacked much of an online presence. Additionally, the important terms for each of the service offerings were identified and a competitive analysis was done to determine an initial bid strategy.

HusebyBannerAd1.jpgAd Groups

To capitalize on these search terms and begin generating new traffic, the UNION team created a Google AdWords account designed to serve ads to potential customers who were searching for important terms in these specific markets. To create the most relevant and targeted ads, the terms were broken out into highly related “ad groups.” This allowed for searches for “court reporters” to see ads that include copy for “court reporters” and someone searching for “deposition services” to see an ad that includes copy for “deposition services”, for example.

AdGroups.jpgGeo-Targeted Campaigns

To capitalize on local search terms in the important markets, geo-targeted campaigns were also created using specific zip codes and Nielsen DMAs. Within each of these campaigns, the ad groups and keywords for each of the services were added. This allowed the UNION team to also include geographic terms in the ads which increased relevance and quality score, ultimately lowering the costs and increasing qualified traffic from these areas.

Negative Keywords

In a successful Google AdWords campaign, defining the keywords that should not be targeted can be just as important as identifying the keywords that should be targeted. The inclusion of “negative keywords” was a major part of the Huseby campaigns due to a unique set of circumstances. “Deposition services” are one of Huseby’s main offerings, and, as such, were a main focus of the different ad groups.

However, the term “deposition” is also a science-related term and without proper oversight and negative keyword research, much of the ads and budget would’ve been used on people searching for unrelated versions of these terms. By including terms like “science” and “deposition of sediment” as negative keywords, UNION was able to ensure that only ads for relevant keywords were shown.

Optimized Landing Pages

With the Google AdWords campaign setup and generating traffic, the focus shifted to converting this traffic into online service bookings and quote requests at the highest rate possible. Historically, around .25% of new visitors to the website completed one of these forms (i.e., around 1 in 400). Based on these metrics, the digital marketing campaigns generating 400 visitors through this medium.

To solve this problem, the UNION team created targeted landing pages that focused on the different service offerings and geographic regions. These landing pages were focused solely on converting the traffic into customers. Based on what someone’s search term was and which targeted ad was triggered, they were directed to the corresponding landing page with the information relevant to them and a call-to-action to convert them into a customer.


The Results

The conversion rate was 2.8% which was over an 11x increase and improvement from the current website. As a result of optimization and improvement over time, the average cost per lead decreased by 85%. Traffic increased 23% as a result of the digital marketing campaigns. Digital Marketing Campaign traffic accounted for 37% of total Online service bookings and quote requests.

  • 85% Decrease In Average Cost Per Lead
  • 37% Total Online Service Bookings & Quote Requests
  • 11x Conversion Rate Increase


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