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Aug 06

Hendrick Heritage Microsite, Celebrating the Hendrick heritage


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by Union

200 wins. That’s a lot of smiles, a lot of satisfaction, and a lot of celebrations (a lot of gas, too!). And that’s exactly what the Hendrick Motorsports racing team achieved in May 2012. So when Hendrick wanted a site to commemorate this exciting 200th win, we knew we needed to create something really special.

It needed to be a site that focused on the huge achievement of 200 wins, while also paying homage to the rich auto racing heritage Hendrick has built. With that heritage comes a huge history, one that’s filled with more information than you could probably communicate in a lifetime – and we needed it all to fit on one site. So in addition to compiling and categorizing the company’s history, we also had to present it in an easily digestible format. In other words, this microsite needed stellar navigation.

Union (formerly Studiobanks) rose to the challenge by creating a dynamic, engaging, and information-rich site featuring a unique navigation structure that splits the Hendrick history across five categories: people, wins, cars, moments, and championships. Each individual milestone, person, or racing car within those categories has its own thumbnail. Users can scroll across each thumbnail image to get a brief description of what it represents, and by clicking on it get access to tons more information. The site is cross-platform compliant, so it can be viewed from any desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone – gotta love that convenience factor!

All in all, this Hendrick Heritage microsite categorizes and communicates the events, people and cars that helped shape the company’s racing story from 1984 to today. And we’re happy to say it’s been really successful for Hendrick, getting tremendous traffic since its creation, and generating a lots of fan engagement through shares on social media sites.


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