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Jun 17

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Since Union (formerly Studiobanks) shifted its approach to digital a few years back, it’s rare that you’ll find us doing much in print. Today, however, is an exception! Today’s edition of the Charlotte Business Journal includes a “Big Ideas” feature in their Entrepreneur section on our very own Banks Wilson. Many thanks to the Charlotte Business Journal for the feature and for showing some love for Charlotte digital and creative communities. Check out the article in today’s issue of the Charlotte Business Journal, online (if you have a subscription), or read all about it below.

Marketer shifts focus to digital

Charlotte Business Journal by Adam O’Daniel, Finance editor

Banks Wilson has made two big gambles in his professional life. And both have paid off.

The first was starting Union, a marketing agency, just six months after he finished college. The second was tossing aside traditional media four years ago to focus solely on digital marketing. He says the shift is the reason his company is growing.

Why did you give up the traditional ad-agency model and focus only on digital?

On one side, you have full-service ad agencies pitching all these horizontal offerings, like print, TV, radio, public relations and digital. But the problem with that model is that you can’t be best in breed at everything, so clients get a watered-down result somewhere.

Then you have web-design firms on the other side. Their pitch is they can do it fast, cheap and make it look good. But they’re not necessarily skilled at working with you to achieve results for your company.

So we were in limbo, and we saw the white space in the middle where we thought we could thrive.

Were you worried about making such a big change?

Sure. It was a risk. But we had to take the gamble. We wanted to be in a space where we offered something different than everyone else. So we had to turn some work away — clients that we didn’t want to lose. But we have 13 people working here now, compared to four when we made the change. So I’d say that’s positive growth.

You just moved into a new office near South End. How do you promote a creative work environment?

The first thing I did was to remove all the walls. I want an open environment. No cubicles, but work zones. When people work together, it gives you a better end product than working alone. We also don’t have much of a dress code, and we have lenient hours. We’re more concerned about the results than who showed up five minutes late.


UNION is a full-service digital agency. We create experiences that help brands thrive. We believe to be relevant in today’s marketplace, brands must lead with a digital-first philosophy. We craft engaging digital experiences and integrated campaigns that are built on strategy and driven by data. At the heart of what we do is help brands create meaningful and enduring relationships with highly connected consumers.

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