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Apr 14

Elements of Quality Content


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We are currently experiencing a golden age for content. Each day, more businesses begin to understand the value of content marketing. With around 93% of buying cycles beginning with an online search, businesses are now on board and doing everything they can to provide those potential customers with all of the information they need. We are seeing this reflected in the increasing budgets being devoted to content marketing.

As everyone rushes to fill this need for content, it’s important to keep in mind that not all content is created equal. It’s not enough to simply provide content to these potential customers. The content must be quality content.

Modern consumers are constantly being inundated with information. In order for your content to stand out in this sea of information, you need to provide higher quality content. 

Google loves it and your customers are seeking it, but what exactly is quality content? What separates quality content from the mountains of content being created every day? Below are a few of common elements of quality content. Armed with this information, you should have a solid foundation to begin creating content that pleases your customers, as well as search engines.

Valuable Content

Quality content is useful and provides value to the reader. The idea is that if someone takes the time to read the content, they expect to be better off afterwards.

There are a variety of ways your content can provide value, including:

  • Solving a reader's problem
  • Answering a question
  • Providing entertainment

If you are creating content for a restaurant’s website, for example, valuable content might include the location, hours of operation and the menu. Each of these pieces of content answers a question that a potential customer would likely ask, thus providing value.

Unique Content

Quality content is unique. This means that it provides information or a perspective that other websites are not offering. According to Google, there is not much value in providing information that is already available.

If you are creating content that is similar to existing content, it’s important to put a unique spin on it. This can include organizing it in a unique way so that it’s more easily accessible or expands on the existing content to provide additional value.

Let’s use a dog training website as an example — there are countless sources of information about training your dog. In order to make your content unique, you could write the content from a different perspective, such as from the dog’s point-of-view. You could also organize your content in a unique way so that readers can easily find it and navigate to the information that is important to them.

Credible Content

Quality content is also credible. According to Google, author expertise is an important factor when determining content quality. Expert credibility comes from having knowledge others do not. Readers want experts they can understand and trust, especially when trying to understand complex topics.

In order to establish credibility, use original research, citations, links, testimonials and reviews. A testimonial from a real customer is always a great way to establish credibility.

Need Help Creating Quality Content?

Once you've determined what constitutes “quality content,” the next step is to begin creating it. Unfortunately, this is no small feat. With all of the daily demands most businesses face, it’s often difficult for them to devote the resources and attention necessary to create quality content.

If you’re ready to start providing your customers with the content they’re looking for but are unable to devote the necessary resources, UNION can help you. Our content team can identify the information that is important to your customers and work with your team to begin providing it to them.

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