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Oct 31

Design Un-Plugged: A Panel Discussion with the Women of Charlotte Design


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I was recently asked to participate on a panel for AIGA. First of all, it was such a pleasure to be asked and even better to be apart of a panel along side such talented women in our design community.

Here's how the AIGA event was described:

In this constantly growing city and industry, it is important to bring attention to the challenges and benefits of being a woman in the workplace. You would think that in these modern times, there would not be these issues, but there are still growing concerns and a great deal of interest from other women in the industry. Join AIGA as we present a cross section of prominent women in the creative industry to answer your questions, share their experiences and help you deal with these issues.

Now, when I first read what the purpose of the panel discussion would be, I was really struggling with the part about the "challenges...of being a woman in the workplace", because I couldn't identify any challenges—from being a woman in the design industry.

So, I brought it up at our project meeting and asked various peers, friends and family: "Am I missing something? Are there challenges from being a woman that I'm not aware of?"

What was interesting though is that I wasn't alone! In fact, the majority of the panel discussion led to us realizing what a well-connected and supportive design community we have in Charlotte. In fact, we kept raising questions that attempted to distinguish the male/female dynamic in the design community, but to no avail. And because I have worked across several industries over the past decade, I realized what a breath of fresh air it has been to be in an industry where gender differences simply aren't an issue.

Furthermore, we are very fortunate to have such amazing creative talent in this city, and even more fortunate to have such valuable collaboration with each other. Maybe that's because there are so many wonderful women in this community!


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