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Mar 07

Content Marketing Tips: Writing for the Web


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As more companies begin to understand the incredible value of content marketing, it has become more common for them to mistakenly write exclusively for search engines. It is often thought that the entire point of writing website content is for search engines to find it. However, experience and statistics have repeatedly shown that this is wrong and search engine rankings suffer because of it.

Search engines prefer websites with the most relevant and valuable content for the user. This means that writing for search engines actually means writing for people. The good news is that, by strategically weaving a few keywords into this original, well-written content, you can also achieve superior organic rankings.

Below are a few tips for writing content that pleases users as well as search engines.

Write Original Content

The principle is simple — if you create original content, search engines will reward you with higher search rankings. This means that you should avoid reusing old content or copying other content you found on someone else’s website. Google has made it clear that, not only does it prefer original content, it will go a step further and actually penalize sites with content that it deems to be duplicate content.

Use Short Paragraphs

Always break content into small paragraphs. Studies have shown that online readers typically read 25% slower than print material readers. This means that, for online writing, you need to get to your point much faster.

By providing readers with small digestible chunks of information, you make it easier for them to quickly read the information. This substantially increases the likelihood that they will read your content.

Create Strong Headlines

Your headline is the first opportunity you have to make an impression on a prospective reader. If you have weak headlines that fail to get the reader’s attention, the rest of your content is going to be ignored.

One of the most well-documented facts about web use is that users tend to spend very little time reading most websites. Instead, they scan or skim them, searching for words or phrases that catch their eye.

As you’re writing your online content, keep this simple principle in mind — if you write good headlines, you significantly increase your odds of beating the averages and getting your content read.

These are just a few of the things you should keep in mind when creating online content. To learn more or to discuss how effective content can help you reach your customers, contact UNION.

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