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Feb 27

Charlotte Web Design Agency Launches New Hendrick Motorsports Site


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Charlotte web design agency UNION is proud to announce the launch of the newly redesigned Hendrick Motorsports website. UNION has worked with the Hendrick Motorsports team on a variety of other projects and was thrilled to partner with them for this website refresh. 

Below are a few of the major elements of this new website.

Nimble Content Platform

One of the main goals of the new site was to build a more nimble content platform that would allow the Hendrick Motorsports team to create more engaging content. In order to do this, we redesigned the homepage to feature vivid imagery for all news items. We also incorporated image sliders on the homepage to focus users’ attention sharply to those featured news items.

With this more nimble platform, it was also important to maximize the user experience to ensure easy consumption. In order to accomplish this, we provided a variety of news filtering options and a search feature. We also incorporated an endless scroll feature for the news items. This allows users to go seamlessly from one article to the next.

Robust Schedule

We also created a robust schedule to provide an optimal user experience. The new features we incorporated into this section include:

  • Links for network broadcast, radio and TV listings
  • Race recaps and results
  • Associated content for each race
  • Ability to view paint schemes for future races

Device Agnostic

The new site utilized responsive web design to create a platform that is "device agnostic," looking the same whether viewed on a computer screen, smartphone or tablet. This provides a cohesive user experience that doesn't change based on what type of device you're using. 

Additional Elements

In addition to the features highlighted above, we also incorporated the following elements:

  • Immersive video and gallery section
  • Robust social sharing
  • Enhanced partner presence
  • Individual team sections with unique skins
  • Sticky sidebar with Ajax push states for the About section

To learn more about this project, or to find out what a digital marketing platform can do for your business, contact UNION.


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