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Apr 24

Bobcats the Butt of Joke on Entourage


It appears the Bobcats are not only the butt of jokes here in Charlotte but on the national scene as well. In the latest episode of HBO’s hit sitcom Entourage, Ari (a Hollywood super-agent played by Jeremy Piven) showed what the rest of the country must think of our hometown NBA franchise.

Ari's life has turned upside down since Vince (the show’s main character, a movie star) fired him as his agent. As a result, Ari has lost his edge and ended up in counseling. While there, his psychologist accuses him of not going to a Lakers game because of being worried about running into Vince. In his own defense, Ari stands and proclaims:

I didn’t go to the game because they were playing the f*cking Bobcats”

The Bobcats have created quite an embarrassing list of PR and marketing mistakes in their short time here. So, while I like the team, I can’t blame HBO for using us as their punch line, considering some of the mind-boggling things the team has done.

This isn’t the first time HBO has taken a shot at Charlotte. Remember the episode of HBO’s Sex and the City when the character Charlotte wanted to adopt a child? When meeting with parents that were putting their child up for adoption, she was excited to find out that the couple was actually from Charlotte (her first name). However, the couple was portrayed as the stereotypical, over-the-top redneck.


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