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Matt Taylor

Jul 13

How Design Thinking Can Reboot Your Brand's Campaign Creation

In: Strategy Insights

Coming from the world of engineering and product development, design thinking has been spreading across businesses and agencies over the past two decades. Major brands including P&G, IBM, Accenture, GE, MassMutual, Fidelity, Lowe’s, Bayer and SAP have all seen the light and started to incorporate this unique approach in their strategy. For brand marketers, design thinking can be a catalyst for creating compelling campaigns.

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Mar 29

It's the little things...

In: Strategy Insights

A few months back, I read Steve Jobs' Biography by Walter Isaacson. Early in the book Steve talks about a time when his father was building a cabinet and told Steve that the back of the cabinet should look as good and be built as well as the rest. It’s a story that informed Steve’s design philosophy from that day forward:

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