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Matt Davis

Jul 08

Passion Begets Focus

In: Strategy Insights

I am sitting inside the small computer lab of my design school. On the table beside me lay several introductory pages of HTML lessons that I've printed from an instructional site randomly found through AltaVista; pages which I have since excessively highlighted and penciled handwritten notes across. On the monitor before me, Internet Explorer is displaying the code-editing window of my free Angelfire web page, which I have probably edited and refreshed thirty-some times already this session. It is 1997, and I am fascinated by Web design. I will graduate before my print-centric art school will offer Web design classes. I had a passion; this was how I survived it.

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May 04

Design 101: Putting Contrast in Context

In: Tutorials

Contrast, at its most basic level, is our awareness of adjacent opposites. It is something that our human senses were built to recognize. It is always that unique sight, sound, smell, taste, or touch that causes us to take notice. The stimuli we notice first are those which set themselves apart from the “noise” in our perception.

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Nov 04

GUTS Pumpkin Competition 2010

In: Company News

Happy autumn everyone!

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