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John Pope

Apr 11

Marketing in a Regulated Industry? Here's How to Grow Your Brand Online

In: Strategy Insights

For brands that work within highly regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, alcohol, tobacco and financial services, strict marketing regulations are a constant concern when trying to reach today’s consumers. The struggle within digital is no different with heavy-hitters such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook all bringing their own restrictions on these industries with them, restrictions that constantly ebb and flow as regulations change. Just as important as it is to keep up with the latest regulations is understanding what strategies and tactics can help your brand overcome them. 

Check out our tips for how to grow your brand’s digital marketing success within a regulated industry: 

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Jun 08

Charlotte High School Student Visits UNION

In: Culture

One of the perks of being a Charlotte-based digital agency is meeting the amazing people who live in our wonderful city. Whether it is a potential brand, a new hire or in the case of high school student and future marketing expert, James McLelland, UNION is always excited to bring new people into our community. That’s why when James showed up as part of Charlotte Latin’s excellent Observe & Serve program, which allows graduating seniors to explore a career area of interest as an intern or volunteer for a non-profit organization for a three-day period, we were just as excited to learn from him as he was from us.

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