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Evan Alexander

Nov 12

Advertising Week 2018: 3 Takeaways Not to Sleep On

In: Strategy Insights, Insider

After reading our Online Reputation Management white paper and taking notice of Wendy’s being cited as an industry disruptor with its trademark sass on social, I did some digging online and saw that the fast food giant would be presenting at Advertising Week 2018.

Despite being extremely unfamiliar with New York City and a conference newcomer in general, I would soon find myself alone in the hustle and bustle of Midtown Manhattan as an AWNewYork attendee.

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Aug 31

White Paper: Online Reputation Management

In: Strategy Insights

Brands hopeful of becoming mainstays in the online consumption habits of consumers do so by plugging into social, since about 6 in 10 Americans use some form of social media on a daily basis. Simply setting up your Facebook Business page with scheduled posts however isn’t enough; your brand has to meet consumer expectations in order to produce real business value.

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Aug 22

Has the Programmatic Buzz Worn Off?

In: Strategy Insights

Just 5 years ago, the marketing industry was in a state of frenzy fawning over a fresh-off-the-press media buying technology. The buzzword on the tip of every marketer’s tongue?

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May 30

How to Navigate the New Rules of Instagram Ads

In: Strategy Insights

Digital experiences remain in a constant state of flux; rarely do industry tactics remain unchanged for long in the digital realm. Even Instagram, once a dark horse now turned social giant that may soon eclipse Facebook, must make topical changes in regard to recent sanctions by the Federal Trade Commission and its crackdown on improper endorsement disclosures between businesses and their paid partnerships a la influencer marketing; the newfangled digital trend that aims to bolster brand loyalty and drive sales. Before the FTC’s grand send off of 90 letters warning social media stars and celebrities to tread lightly, businesses were able to capitalize on the purposeful omission of disclosures allowing them to sidestep growing public aversion to irrelevant online ads.

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