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Claire Outlaw

Jul 31

SEO For Blogs - Three Beginning Tips For Making Your Blog More SEO Friendly

In: Strategy Insights

With Google’s most recent series of updates (codename: Penguin), one thing has become strikingly obvious: if link-building is King of the SEO court, then content is Queen. Google continues to value the content of a website above all else. As such, you should always be looking for ways to inject fresh content into your website. One of the easiest ways to do this is by introducing an SEO friendly blog.

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Feb 16

The 5 Be's of Search Engine Marketing

In: Tutorials

In today’s globally-flat, interwoven, small market world you need a strong brand. Most companies have identified basic guidelines for how to communicate their brand in advertising like a brand voice for print or television ads or a “brand bible” that outlines all the do’s and don’ts for preserving the brand. Businesses spend millions of dollars in time and money to to protect and promote their brand identity and then throw those guidelines right out the window when it comes to their search engine marketing initiatives.

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