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Jun 06

Announcing the 2018 Digital Marketing Scholarship Winner!


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Year after year, the turnout of passionate entries from high school seniors across the country continues to amaze the folks here at UNION. As always, applicants were tasked with writing about the individual who inspired them to pursue a career in the digital space. After several rounds of careful consideration, UNION is honored to announce that the winner of the 2018 Kelly Somey Digital Marketing Scholarship is Gabriella DeAngelis! 

GabbyDeAngelisHailing from Wareham, Massachusetts, Gabriella will attend Worcester State University this fall with the  hopes of pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. With all her skills and enthusiasm, Gabriella shows great promise of becoming a force in the digital space one day. 

Given her future aspirations and potential career trajectory, it would only make sense that educating others using varied digital formats is a goal Gabriella has had her sights on for quite some time now. From an early age Gabriella showcased blossoming creativity; whether it was sharpening her writing skills, dreaming of running a news organization or performing in the arts. But it wasn't until she entered high school at Upper Cape Code Regional Technical School that Gabriella began to understand how differentiated messaging can be and credits this revelation to her high school English teacher, Mr. Andy Hill. With his innovative approach to teaching, Gabriella realized that thinking outside the box to make a memorable impact on an audience is just the beginning. 

"Personally, I believe digital media is one of the best ways somebody can learn. There are so many options when creating something within a digital platform, it's practically mind boggling."

Indeed, digital marketing does empower users to create engaging campaigns in order to spread awareness, build brand loyalty or drive sales. Some formats  accomplish these desired actions better than others, i.e. social media and video. Gabriella highlighted these trends in her essay, citing that video content like John Green's Crash Course series on YouTube can encourage higher levels of engagement within a classroom.

Gabriella also argues that, when leveraged correctly, social media can rapidly deliver information and act as a creative storehouse of shareable inspiration. It was Gabriella's ability to spotlight emerging digital trends and her eagerness to one day reinvent conventional methods of messaging that won over the hearts of the scholarship panel at UNION. 

For supporting her creativity and pushing her to succeed, Gabriella remains thankful for her parents, her sisters Renee and Corinne, and, of course, Mr. Hill.

Thank You

The team at UNION would like to thank all of the students who applied for the Kelly Somey Digital Scholarship for their creative efforts and sharing their personal stories with us. We encourage each of you to continue pursuing careers in digital and wish everyone the best of luck in the future!

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