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Mar 07

And The Digital Producer Lived Happily Ever After


In: Strategy Insights

Once upon a time in a creative land far, far away, account managers were viewed simply as project planners and not creative-types. These account managers were expected to know about budgets, timelines and client relations, with very little input on creative concept, design and implementation. But as the creative world evolved into a digital-centric universe, so did the role of its account managers. Digital producers emerged with an entirely new playbook, or shall I say, storybook.

My, what big ideas you have!
Today's digital producers are active participants during concepting meetings, thinking strategically and contributing big ideas. We bring a unique skill set that combines project management expertise and a strong passion for digital marketing. Digital producers need not be shy about sharing ideas among designers and developers. After all, collaborating with a team is far better then strolling through the dark, scary forest all alone.

Mirror, mirror on the wall...
As the liaison between clients and the creative team, digital producers must be sharp communicators. Just like the magical mirror in Snow White, delivering delicate news is sometimes part of the job description. Perhaps a client is hesitant to trust a remarkable design concept, or a developer wants to incorporate an ubercool feature that just isn't in the budget. Digital producers must tread lightly as they carefully determine who truly is the fairest of them all.

I'm late. I’m late for a very important date!
There's no way around it. Time management is a crucial aspect of the digital producer's role. As a digital producer, I sometimes feel like I'm running around the studio holding an over-sized pocket watch that ticks to the tune of timelines and deadlines. Producers must create milestones for both clients and the creative team, and ensure all deadlines are met in a timely fashion. The only other alternative is facing an angry client shouting, "Off with her head!"

Today's digital producers have come a long way. We now play a pivotal role in the creative process from beginning to end. By combining stellar ideas and strategic planing, digital producers lead the way for a successful campaign, ensuring each and every project reaches its very own fairytale ending.


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