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Jul 25

Advantages of Working With a Google Premier Partner


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Paid search marketing is one of the many keys to a successful marketing campaign. When people are searching for products online, paid ads get 65% of ALL clicks. Unbounce reports that when people land on your product page, PPC visitors are 50% more likely to buy your product than say, an organic visitor. What does this mean for your brand? If you’re not already, it’s time to capitalize on all the benefits a paid search marketing platform, like Google AdWords, has to offer your campaign.

Utilizing the number one search engine with a market share of over 65-70% of other search engines, Google AdWords helps businesses make an average of $2 in income for every $1 they spend on their paid search marketing.

However, it is not as simple as getting an AdWords account and just turning on a switch.

Setting up the vast number of targeting options in AdWords can be confusing, if not overwhelming. To maximize your brand’s marketing strategies you’re going to want the help of an agency that has been trained and certified by Google. Picking a Google Premier Partner agency offers you advantages that other agencies simply can’t provide.

What is the Google Partner Program?

The Google Partner Program ensures that any brand or business that wants to hire an agency which specializes in AdWords can not only easily find them, but also qualify them. Partner agencies can be one of two statuses of the program: a Google Partner, or a Premier Google Partner. Both partner programs require a series of competencies and certifications for agencies to complete and maintain who want to offer their services as PPC consultants. Google created these two statuses to make it easier to identify adword agencies they trust the most for PPC.

But for the top 3% of the most qualified Google Partners, they are awarded Premier Google Partner status. Premier Partner agencies, like UNION, are given the coveted the Premier Partner Badge and are the most trusted sources for PPC marketing that Google recommends to businesses. Google Premier Partners:

  • Have demonstrated AdWords skills and expertise on a higher level than a basic Google Partner.
  • Have met AdWords spend requirements continuously.
  • Deliver agency and client revenue growth continuously.
  • Sustain and even grow their client base, even without the help of Google AdWords.

These agencies are expected to meet requirements in three areas: certification, ad spend and performance. Being a Premier Partner doesn’t just mean certain agencies are doing the minimum needed to achieve the status; it means that the agency continuously shows themselves to be knowledgeable, experienced and successful. It means they know how to optimize a campaign so that it makes money. They’re the agencies recognized by Google that outperform and meet additional performance requirements beyond your basic Google Partner level.

So why should you choose a Google Premier Partner agency to handle your Google AdWords strategy?

1. Access to Google-trusted and certified experts

Premier Partner agencies have been given Google’s ultimate stamp of approval, the Premier Partner badge. The badge identifies agencies that Google trusts the most to help businesses succeed with their products (It’s no secret that UNION has earned a Premier Partner badge). Typically agencies will display the badge on their website, symbolizing a few important attributes.

  • It certifies that the agency has multiple employees certified in Google AdWords.
  • It shows the areas of success that the agency has had in specific specializations (agencies can claim to know all areas, but the badge shows where their long term experience and success pays off the most)
  • The badge is dynamic, so it regularly keeps track of the agency’s performance requirements in real time, making any changes if their status changes. This holds Premier Partner members accountable to stay up to date on the best practices and to consistently run successful campaigns.
  • Agencies can lose their badge and status. That’s why Premier Partners have to maintain performance requirements and continue to have a strong history of building successful AdWords campaigns.

Not only are Google Premier Partners trustworthy, but their paid search and AdWord specialists have been thoroughly vetted by Google themselves. They have to have a minimum of two specialists and passed a number of examinations to be certified, which they have to retake every year.

Running a successful AdWords campaign has a lot of moving parts, that’s why working with experienced professionals from the most qualified agencies can crank up your conversion rates and give you an excellent ROI for your brand.

2. Top notch results proven time and time again

Say you already have Google AdWords and you’ve read up on the best practices to make your business money. Does this mean you’re ready to tackle the world of PPC marketing for your brand?

Probably not.

You could have the best practices in the world but if your brand doesn’t make money, your Google AdWords campaign will be a complete waste. Google Premier Partners have to maintain performance requirements over time and employ the best AdWords practices if they want to keep their status, which is why it’s great to have access to dedicated professionals. They have to consistently have AdWord campaigns that convert at a high rate.

Long story short, these agencies are the ones that prove to Google and to clients they can deliver high-performing and powerful results.

3. A VIP connection with Google

AdWords is complicated and can be difficult to learn. To complicate things more, Google frequently makes changes to AdWords and you have to not only learn the new changes but stay on top of them to run successful campaigns. Premier Partners have prior knowledge about AdWords changes even before other users do, and are often invited to participate in beta programs. What does that mean? It means you’ll be using technology your competitors won’t have access to for at least another year!

Hate waiting in long lines? Premier Partners understand. They have direct contact with the best Google representatives so in the event your account gets attacked by malware or have a few questions about optimizing your ads, you’re guaranteed to connect to them faster.

4. Exclusive access to workshops and training sessions

Google Premier Partners are always at the top of their game and informed about new products and upcoming developments. This is because Premier Partners are regularly invited to Google’s headquarters to attend product-specific seminars, coaching conferences and learn about new developments within the company. They take all this information and bring it back to develop new strategies for their clients. They even get to hold their own training workshops for specific interests to the local business community with the help of high quality Google reps.

5. Your own indispensable network of marketing professionals

Imagine having access to the entire Google community at your disposal. That’s what you’ll have with a Premier Partner. This perk allows Premier Partners to connect with an entire Google community of marketing experts to think of unique, innovative ways to solve client business problems. By attending Google sponsored events, partners learn about the best practices of other agencies, thus continuing to optimize and refresh their marketing strategies.

The world of paid search marketing has changed drastically in the last few years, and Google AdWords has been one of the key catalysts for that change. In 2018 alone consumers who click on an advertiser’s Google search ad before visiting a store are 27% more likely to buy something in-store. When it comes to maneuvering the world of AdWords though, hiring a Premier Partner may be the missing puzzle piece to your brand’s marketing strategy. It can not only give your brand a higher ROI, but also give you a leg up over competitors who are slower to adapt to the latest PPC trends, help connect you to the vast world of Google and save you a great deal of time and money.

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