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Jan 06

7 Tips for Smart Content Creation and Management


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In the world of digital marketing, content is king – it's what allows people to find you online, differentiate you from your competitors, and even learn about your ideas or begin a business relationship.

Unfortunately, not all content is equal. In fact, some marketing content isn't even good content, and the wrong kind can hold you back from getting the results you want, or even actively work against you. On the other hand, great content that really speaks to customers, builds your credibility in the market, and helps create interest in search engines, social sites, and blog posts is worth its virtual weight in gold.

And so, with that in mind, here are seven tips for smart content creation and management from the Union team:

1. Know your reader or viewer. Every piece of content should have one specific reader, viewer, or customer that it's created for. Even though other people might view it, or even enjoy it, it should have one definite audience that it truly appeals to.

2. Know your goal. Likewise, for your content to be great, it has to help you accomplish your marketing goals. That means everything you produce should be designed for some purpose (like newsletter subscriptions, or clicks to a product page) that you can focus on.

3. Follow a content plan. The professionals don't leave things to chance or inspiration, and you shouldn't either. First, maintain a regular schedule for releasing new content. Then, keep a list of ongoing topics and themes you can draw from, so you'll never be out of ideas to work with.

4. Put a review process in place. Nothing longer than the occasional tweet should ever come from your business without having at least two people read it. Having a lot of eyes on your content is a great way to avoid typos, factual errors, and other marketing blunders.

5. Get extra mileage from truly great pieces of content. Use successful blog posts, articles, etc., as a starting point for e-books, videos, and other pieces of content. The more interest a topic draws, the more times you can return to it again later.

6. Don't abandon your best ideas. Just because you post or publish something once doesn't mean you're done with it forever. If you have updates or additional thoughts to add later, use them to make the piece relevant and useful again a second time.

7. Let customer feedback guide you to more great pieces of content. Often, readers and viewers won't just tell you what they love, but also makes suggestions for future topics and ideas. Pay attention, because that's where some of the very best ideas come from.

As we have mentioned, you just can't get by in the digital marketing age without having great content to work with. So, take these tips to heart and use them to find customers and differentiate yourself from the competition.

If your digital marketing content isn't doing you any favors, talk to the team at Union today and let us put our creative minds to work for you.


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