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Sep 25

3 Tips for Improving Your Website’s Conversion Rates


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Most business owners would agree that having an aesthetically pleasing website is a vital element of any online success. However, this belief overlooks an equally important element — having a website that converts visitors into leads. Without incorporating this component into your efforts, your business will likely end up with a decent looking website that doesn’t generate online revenue.

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

So how do you get these prospects that have visited your website to convert into actual customers? The answer is conversion rate optimization.

Conversion rate optimization is the process of increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that convert into customers or take another desired action. This process involves using analytics to understand and monitor your conversion rates, and testing alternate versions of your website to determine which versions achieve the highest conversion rates.

As one of the top Charlotte lead generation companies, UNION has extensive experience helping businesses increase their website conversion rates and generate more online revenue.

Below are three tips to address a few of the most common issues we encounter.

Avoid Multiple Calls-to-Action

As a general rule, limit each page to one call-to-action. Viewing a landing page with multiple options can frustrate users. This is the result of what Barry Schwartz calls the paradox of choice — providing so many options that actually selecting one becomes a daunting task in itself.

We often assume that visitors know exactly why they came to the website and what they want to do. The reality, on the other hand, is that many visitors want to be gently guided toward the best solution. Limiting the number of calls-to-action provides that assistance and clears a path to the desired action.

Minimize Form Fields

Reducing the number of fields is the best way to increase form conversions. In fact, form fields are one of the greatest sources of friction in lead generation. Unfortunately, they are also one of the most important components of online lead generation.

The goal of most landing pages is to collect information from visitors and potentially convert them into customers. It’s not surprising that businesses want to ask for as much information as possible from visitors. Users on the other hand want to spend as little time as possible filling out the forms and also provide as little information as possible.

When creating your lead generation forms, determine which fields you really need. Obviously, an email address should be required, but beyond that, you should really consider whether that specific piece of information is absolutely necessary.

Use Bullet Points Instead of Block Text

Your website has to not only look good, but your text also needs to be engaging and easily readable, particularly when you are trying to get your visitors to take a desired action.

Remember that people don’t read online the same way they read offline — they scan for content that interests them. To accommodate this reading style, it’s key to place your most important text in a few short bullet points. This organization makes it much easier for them to scan the page and, as a result, often increases your conversion rates.

These tips should help you ensure that all of your efforts to drive traffic to your website are producing valuable results rather than low conversion rates. To learn more about how UNION can help you quickly boost your sales or leads with conversion rate optimization, contact us.


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