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Apr 18

UNION Stands Against North Carolina's House Bill 2


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Nearly fifteen years ago, UNION decided to call Charlotte home and we built our digital agency here. We were drawn to Charlotte’s diverse community, progressive spirit and welcoming sense of southern hospitality.

Throughout our years here, we’ve seen and been a part of the effort to grow this city, attracting talented people and businesses, being intentional about the culture we’re building along the way. Leaning on the values that North Carolina stands for, we have always been committed to promoting equality, inclusion and diversity.

Our agency has not and will not ever discriminate against anyone based on race, gender, religion, age, gender identity or sexual orientation. Accordingly, we oppose North Carolina’s recent passing of House Bill 2 with a firm conviction that discrimination in any form is wrong and should not be tolerated. The new law establishes a statewide nondiscrimination policy that excludes gender identity and sexual orientation as protected classes and forbids cities and counties from adopting their own policies. The legalization of LGBT discrimination is not only an assault on individual rights, but it is also an attack on the culture we have worked so hard to build.

The state has already felt a massive negative impact since HB2 was passed. The bill cost our city 400 future high-paying jobs as PayPal took a stand against intolerance, and we’re continuing to see other major businesses reconsidering their commitment to North Carolina. Dozens of conventions and concerts have been moved or cancelled. We’ll continue to feel these effects for years to come. NBC recently estimated that North Carolina has lost $39.7 million to $186 million because of the law, and that others have estimated the loss in billions of dollars.

We believe that if we can rally around unity and take a stand against injustice, there is a great future ahead for Charlotte. We are proud to be from Charlotte and we are proud to be from North Carolina.

We call on the Governor and the State General Assembly to choose inclusion and promptly repeal House Bill 2.


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