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Jan 05

Can Your Brand Close the Marketing Talent Gap?

In: Insider

The speed with which digital has taken over our lives is astounding. In 2016, digital ad spend grew to $72.5 billion, up 22% from the year before, with mobile marketing finally taking the long-projected majority. As mobile phones have become the epicenter of daily existence, and more and more millennials are “pulling the plug” on traditional TV, marketing teams have struggled to keep up with always-changing formats, platforms and consumer demands.  

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Feb 23

Kickstarting your Digital Agency Career as a Recent Grad

In: Insider

In the formidable world of potential employers and “adult” jobs, being straight out of college can seem like a detriment. You lack the experience agencies are looking for, which subsequently means you lack the ability to gain said experience. This can be frustrating and, at times, discouraging. But there is a way out of this slump. You need to understand how to leverage yourself and your tech-saturated college experience to let potential employers know that you’re ready to start your digital agency career with more than just a diploma and bright eyes.

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