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Jun 01

The (Union (formerly Studiobanks)) Hangover


In: Culture

by Union

Union (formerly Studiobanks) had its Open House last Thursday and man was it epic! Friday morning instead of the usual coffee and headline perusing, it was all face tattoos, tigers and whiteboard graffiti. Also, Andy was missing, which was not great news because he was supposed to be getting married on Sunday (true story, congrats Andy and Lindsay!). We’re not 100% sure what went down at the Open House, but here’s what we’ve pieced together so far: about 60 or so clients, friends and family showed up to help us celebrate our new office space and an awesome time was had by all. Thankfully Chris was on photography duty and managed to capture some of the mayhem for posterity (check it out on our Flickr stream). Big thanks to everyone who came out and made it such an awesome time!


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