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Mar 06

Union (formerly Studiobanks) Scores a Super Sweet 16 at the 2009 ADDYs®


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by Union

The sold-out 2009 Charlotte ADDY® Awards & Gala Show once again provided a very fun evening for members of the Charlotte advertising industry. The night was especially memorable for the Union (formerly Studiobanks) crew, as we swept the interactive categories and brought home a total of 16 awards: 2 Gold ADDYs, 14 Silver ADDYs and the award for Excellence in Art Direction for the Eric Hunter Website. The best part of the night though was getting to spend time with members of the local ad industry and fellow design shops at the Union' after-party. The turnout was beyond our expectations, with members of LGA, Myjive, Citizen, Armando Bellamos, Mike Carrol, Corder Philips, Planet Central, and even Baffington and Sellers making an appearence. The party was held at one of our favorite client's venue: Dilworth Billiards.

In the midst of a rough economic climate that brought along big changes in our industry, we were all, for one night at least, seemingly untouched by any hardships or any competitiveness as we cheered each other on for a year's worth of jobs-well-done. We had a great time (some more so than others judging by this morning's conditions) and we hope you all did as well.

We really appreciate all of you showing up - having colleagues like yourselves makes working in the Charlotte ad industry as rewarding as it is challenging, and we hope it's not a full year before we see you all again!

Thanks to all of our clients for their amazing partnership and collaboration on these projects:


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