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Apr 10

Starbucks Coffee At Home


In: Culture

Yesterday, Robbie and I had a pretty good discussion about the Starbucks Coffee At Home site, so I thought I'd share it here.

At a quick glance of the site you know that the design and execution were both top-notch, so there are a lot of little details you can appreciate. However, what impressed us the most was that when a section was erased from the chalkboard/screen a ghost image remained. We wanted to achieve a similar effect with the Bouvier Kelly site we launched earlier this year, but due to the limitation of ActionScript 2 and the fact that most of the sections displayed dynamic content, we were unable to do so.

Talking it through, we decided the effect was created in either two ways. 1. Using Flash's display.BitmapData class, they're making a PNG of the current section's movieclip and placing it in the movieclip that contains all of the erased background images and setting the container clip's alpha to an appropriate amount. If this was the case, they'd have to be using ActionScript 3 because of display.BitmapData's performance issues in ActionScript 2.

  1. Each section was manually saved as a PNG that was imported into Flash and alphaed down.

Being a product site, it's likely to have little to no dynamic content, so I'm thinking the Flash Developers went with the simpler, second option.


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