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Aug 07

Sona MedSpa Website


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Sona MedSpa is the nation’s largest full-service aesthetics company. With advanced technological treatments for hair removal, skin improvement and body contouring, Sona prides themselves on their use of the most up-to-date and advanced technology available.

Their website however was outdated and in need of a complete redesign with a strategic approach. As the internet continued to play more and more of an important role to their business, the goals for the new platform were clear. It needed to have a clean and luxurious looking design, it needed to educate potential customers about the wide array of services offered and it needed to convert traffic into leads for the sales team.

The UNION team started the project by really diving into the brand and the business to fully understand all of the services offered and who their customers were. As a result, the website was strategically divided into a sections for “Womens’ Care” and “Mens’ Care” to better address the different audiences coming to the site. The new design was also right on the mark and perfectly reflected Sona’s brand personality of being a luxurious and affluent service from a modern and professional organization.

Since the recent launch, the results have been great with the Sona team already seeing a drastic lift in organic leads coming from the website. The easy-to-use CMS also allows their internal marketing team to update and experiment with promotions, special offers and new imagery to continue to increase performance and leverage the new platform as a valuable brand asset and sales tool.


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