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Apr 03

Shenanigans: Book of Lists


In: Company News

by Union

A little late to the punch on this one, but I couldn't let it slide without offering up my two cents:

In Charlotte Business Journal's 2007 Book of Lists, the listing of Web Design Companies ranked Charlotte companies by number of websites designed locally in 2006. Quality is purely subjective, so that's really the only quantitative, non-biased criteria by which Charlotte companies can be ranked. I get it.

That said, I call shenanigans on pretty much the top four companies, based solely on their reported numbers. For brevity's sake, I'll just break down the numbers for the company ranked first on the listing—I'll refer to them as Company X. Company X reportedly kicked out 1,250 websites in 2006. That's a big number. There are essentially 260 work days in a year, not including holidays. So, even if the 5 designers at Company X worked all 260 available days of the year, that's an average of 4.8 websites per day! That's more than a little hard to believe. The only way it makes sense, is if it's a tally of total web pages, not complete sites. I would give them that number, but the ranking is based on sites not pages.

Now, this isn't some petty ploy to get Union (formerly Studiobanks) further up the list—we'll happily ride the bottom quarter of the list and continue to push the quality of our work. I just found the numbers to be unbelievable enough to call into question the credibility of the ranking.

If someone wants to debunk my math, by all means do so. I would actually like to understand the legitimacy of the reported numbers.


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