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Jun 21

"Search Leads a Bank to a Banks"


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We’d like to take a moment to welcome new client Cornerstone Community Bank to the Union (formerly Studiobanks) team! Charlotte Observer Reporter Eric Frazier shares the funny story behind our new partnership with this Florida-based bank:

Search leads a bank to a Banks

Businesses spend gobs of money trying to make sure their name and Web links show up prominently in Google search results for the products or services they offer.

But for Union, a Charlotte digital marketing agency, it didn't take a sophisticated search engine optimization campaign to catch the eye of one Google-searching prospective client.

Instead, a quirky coincidence of the Union name - and its president's name - did the trick.

It all came about when the Cornerstone Community Bank in St. Petersburg, Fla., decided to hire an agency to redesign its website. Someone at the bank was running Google searches for bank website designers and stumbled across Union.

The firm hadn't actually done any bank websites, but did have the luck of being a website design firm run by one Banks Wilson. (When he founded the company eight years ago, Wilson thought it'd be cool to make the firm's name a play on his own).

Union got a chance to make its pitch, and Cornerstone officials hired the firm - none of which would have happened without Wilson's parents and the fortuitous name they picked.

Shouldn't he offer Mom and Dad some sort of commission?

"I probably should," Wilson said, chuckling. "When they named me Banks I don't think they ever thought it would have paid off quite like that. It's just funny and random.”


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