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Nov 13

NASCAR Rule Book Launches


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Charlotte digital marketing agency UNION is proud to announce the recent launch of the NASCAR Digital Rule Book & Parts Database. NASCAR is the premier motorsports organization, sanctioning over 1500 races at over 100 tracks in 39 US states and Canada.

After years of using paper Rule Books, NASCAR decided to make the leap to digital. This move coincided with a larger effort to add more technology to the sport and indicated a landmark shift in the organization. 

Rule Book

The project consisted of two components. The first was the Digital Rule Book. NASCAR wanted to create a digital version for all three series that would be available on desktop, tablet and smartphone, providing a platform agnostic experience.

UNION worked closely with the NASCAR team to create a Digital Rule Book that is built for readability and provides an interface that allows users to easily navigate through the rules.

Additional features include:

  • Custom CMS that provides the flexibility needed to manage various types of rules
  • Dynamic images with informational markers that direct users to additional information
  • Works in offline mode so that crew members and officials can access the latest updates without an internet connection
  • Bookmarks for easily referencing rules
  • Bulletins alerting members of recent updates and announcements
  • Advanced reporting
  • Downloadable files and images

Parts Database

The second component of the project was the Parts Database. In an effort to streamline the parts approval process, NASCAR and UNION worked together to incorporate a digital parts database into the new Rule Book. This allows the NASCAR team to efficiently manage the parts and easily link between the Rule Book and Parts Database.

Additional features include:

  • Custom CMS that allows submitted parts to be easily managed
  • Ability to search approved parts
  • Bookmarks for easily referencing approved parts
  • Submission form that allows teams to easily submit parts for committee review

To learn more about this project or to find out what a digital marketing platform can do for your business, contact UNION.


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