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Dec 03

Muzak Voice & Music Press Release


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Here's a press release from Muzak regarding the recent launch of their Music and Voice websites. Thought we'd share!

Beginning this week, online visitors to Muzak will be able to access completely redesigned Web sites representing two of the company’s core products – Music and Voice. Both sites are designed to communicate the emotion, energy and creativity infused into the Muzak brand, which now reaches more than 100 million people every day.

Visitors to the Muzak Music Website will enjoy new interactive features designed to enhance their listening experience. Each of the more than 90 music programs includes a complete description and rich audio samples. Listeners to the satellite-broadcast programming who frequently find themselves asking, “Who did that song?” will now enjoy a new feature called “What’s Playing Now”, highlighting the artist and song title. Visually, graphic representations of featured programs recapture the lost beauty of album art. The new Muzak Voice Website, includes similar design and graphic elements while addressing the specific concerns of the on-hold and in-store messaging market. Both Web sites are organized around customer needs, while providing insights into the more than 500 people within the company’s home office who contribute to every Muzak client and product, and the hundreds of other dedicated individuals providing local support throughout the country.

“These new Web sites are just the beginning of an exciting strategy that Muzak has mapped out to maximize our online presence and better serve our customers,” said Michael Coombs, director of marketing for Muzak. “It’s a reflection of the ongoing evolution of the Muzak brand as we continue to expand our products and services to meet the changing needs of businesses.”


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