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Jan 09

Morningstar Mini Storage Digital Platform, Launched


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by Union

Morningstar Mini-Storage has over 60 locations throughout the Southeast, each of which has hundreds of different kinds of units customers can rent. The company realized that all this choice was probably overwhelming potential customers – especially those who had never rented storage before. They came to Union (formerly Studiobanks) requesting a digital strategy to increase onsite conversions and make it easier for people to reserve a unit at the storage facility of their choice. 

Our thinking caps bursting with organizational ideas and techy tricks, we sat down as a team to come up with a plan. The goal was to revamp and refresh the website with a focus on providing the information people would need most, right when they’d need it. It needed to be presented in an easily digestible format, and one that would be clear and intuitive for people who had never rented storage units before.

The newly revamped website was built on a responsive platform, meaning it’s smart enough to re-size itself based on the device being used to view it – perfect for people who need to find a storage unit while on the go, but also want to browse the website in detail when they’re home. We created a smart filtering tool that makes it easy for users to find storage units in their area. By entering their zip code and the size/type of unit they want, the tool generates a map showing all nearby locations with those units available. We also designed features specifically for storage unit newbies, like an interactive comparison tool that illustrates what will fit in each type of unit, and a robust section of must-have moving tips.

Morningstar loved the new look and feel of their website. Since its launch, conversions have increased by 25%, and the feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive. The new site structure and features simplify the storage unit rental process, making it more effective and useful than ever before.

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