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Feb 07

Launched, Hendrick Motorsports Mobile Website


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by Union

With an intimate knowledge of what it’s like when your life moves at 200mph, Hendrick Motorsports knew they needed a mobile website to let busy fans access their favorite Hendrick content no matter where they happen to be. Having designed their desktop website, Union (formerly Studiobanks) jumped in the drivers seat and put our creative pedal to the metal.

We carefully designed the site to retain a similar look and feel as <a href="http://www.hendrickmotorsports.com/">www.HendrickMotorsports.com</a> while providing a more streamlined user experience for a much smaller screen. Mobile users have the ability to quickly locate information such as top news stories, the team schedule, and a map of the Hendrick facilities. While some mobile sites focus strictly on information, Union understood that the photos and videos featured on the desktop site were critical for creating strong user engagement on the mobile site. Using a simple accordion menu navigation, our team delivered a comprehensive mobile experience that supports quick access to basic information as well as media-rich content for on-the-go browsing.


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