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Aug 06

Keen Keyboard Shortcuts


In: Tutorials

Seeing as I've been using Adobe products almost everyday for the past ten years, I've come to appreciate a number of keyboard shortcuts that aren't generally known or used.


  • Tab – Hide/Show Tools

  • Apple, Alt, Semicolon – Lock/Unlock Guides

  • Alt, Left/Right Arrow – Adjusts Kerning of Selected Text

  • Alt, Up/Down Arrow – Adjusts Tracking of Selected Text Adobe Photoshop

  • Apple, F – Apply Last Filter

  • Apple, Alt, Shift, L – Auto Levels

Adobe Illustrator

  • Apple, Shift, O – Outline Text

  • Apple, F – Paste In Front

  • Apple, D – Repeat Last Transform

  • Apple, Shift, F9 – Hide/Show Pathfinder Pallet

Adobe InDesign

  • Apple, Shift, D – Hide/Show Links Pallet

  • Shift, F6 – Hide/Show Separation Preview


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