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Apr 27

Just Out: Transmit 4


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It's been five years since a major release of one of the most respected Mac FTP applications, Panic's Transmit. Despite the wait, it seems several features will make it worthwhile. A big one for starters: SPEED! Transmit 4 boasts transfers up to 25x faster than previous versions thanks to a modified Twin-Turbo transfer engine, Multi-Connection transfers, and FXP support for server to server transfers.

Oh, and if your sick of FTP transfers stealing your delicious bandwidth, Transmit 4 now has support for bandwidth limiting (which sadly has been in other —even free— FTP apps for a while). An interface redesign brings the application up to speed with many conventional Finder features like collapsible folders and CoverFlow/Thumbnail views, while making several improvements like a new progress bar that serves as both a current file and overall transfer indicator. Since an FTP program should be approached as a glorified file system manager, it's nice to see the resemblance to the Finder while gracefully working in the necessary FTP-related elements like location management, transfer status and syncing tools.

A feature best saved for last is Disks. Yes, Transmit 4 can mount your remote server as a disk in Finder so that you can use it right alongside your local disk, network servers or external storage devices. From copying files from a thumb drive to saving an image to your server directly from Photoshop; this is a grand update indeed!

See and experience more about Panic's Transmit 4 and enjoy!


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